Microsoft teams outage

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Microsoft teams outage

This isn't the first high-profile Teams outage this year. Last month, Teams was down for several hours due to an expired TLS certificate. This outage—which occurred at about am UTC—seems to have been due to high load caused by an unprecedented number of European users logging in to work remotely. Microsoft's communication so far has been extremely terse, announcing both the issue and its mitigation on Twitter while inviting Teams admins to examine the issue by number in the Admin Center.

Even for those who are Office administrators and have access to the Admin Center, not much information was available. Many admins complained that issue TM didn't show up in Admin Center at all; those who did copied and pasted the information there, but it wasn't particularly enlightening.

Preliminary root cause: One of our services experienced timeouts, which impacted messaging scenarios. It's unclear to what degree the issue is truly resolved; Downdetector. You must login or create an account to comment. Jim Salter Jim is an author, podcastermercenary sysadmin, coderand father of three—not necessarily in that order.

microsoft teams outage

Email jim. Channel Ars Technica.Microsoft Teams, the collaboration platform that competes with Slack, has been down since about am ET. Microsoft reports the outage was due to an expired certificate. Microsoft first posted on its Office Status Twitter feed about am ET that an outage was in progress, stating the company was looking into the problem.

We're investigating an issue where users may be unable to access Microsoft Teams. We're reviewing systems data to determine the cause of the issue. More information can be found in the Admin center under TM At approximately am ET, the company posted the reason for the problem, an expired certificate, which frankly, has to be pretty embarrassing for the group responsible for keeping the Teams service running. We've determined that an authentication certificate has expired causing, users to have issues using the service.

We're developing a fix to apply a new certificate to the service which will remediate impact. Further updates can be found under TM in the admin center.

About an hour ago, the company updated the status again, indicating it had begun deploying the updated certificate. We've initiated the deployment of the updated certificate and are monitoring service health as the fix progresses. Additional information can be found under TM in the admin center. Microsoft has kept the status updates pretty business like, but has not apologized to its 20 million users as of publication.

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The company is in the midst of a battle with Slack for hearts and minds in the enterprise collaboration space, and a preventable outage has to be awkward for them. The company will no doubt do a post-mortem to figure out how this mistake happened and how to prevent this kind of issue from taking down the site again. How you react when your systems fail may define your business.Microsoft reported that its failure to renew a digital certificate caused a roughly two-hour outage of its Teams collaboration service.

microsoft teams outage

The embarrassing Microsoft Teams outage sparked some needling and anger from users on Twitter. Around 9 a. Eastern time on Monday, Microsoft notified users on Twitter that Teams was down. About an hour later, Microsoft acknowledged a lapsed certificate was the cause of the outage. Within an hour, Microsoft reported that it had started the deployment of a new certificate to fix the problem. Website monitoring firm Catchpoint Systems reported that the Microsoft Teams outage started at a.

Eastern time and affected more than 20 million daily active users. The company said Teams users were unable to sign into the service through either their web browser or the desktop version of the app. The outage comes as Microsoft Teams battles its rivals Cisco Webex Teams and Slack in the highly competitive market for cloud-based software. Companies get Teams as part of an Office subscription and use it to let corporate employees go online to collaborate on projects.

Many of the comments on Twitter poked fun at Microsoft for failing to perform the routine task of renewing an authentication certificate.

Looks like MicrosoftTeams is down. Happy Monday!! Other followers of the Microsoft Status account on Twitter expressed anger over the inconvenience of the Microsoft Teams outage.

Trying to redirect the numbers has been a pain to deal with. The self-inflicted outage comes roughly two weeks after Microsoft launched its first TV commercial for Teams. The company is pitching the service as the "central hub" for employee collaboration within an organization.

Microsoft recently announced plans to launch features that would expand the reach of Teams to employees other than office workers. A feature set for release in private preview by June would let people use their smartphones as walkie-talkies. Microsoft plans to target the capability at organizations with employees who, for example, work in hotels or on the floors of stores and hospitals. Microsoft is also in the middle of a campaign to get companies to switch from Skype for Business to Teams.

The vendor plans to discontinue Skype for Business eventually. About a year ago, Microsoft Teams suffered a technical problem that prevented many users from connecting to the service for several hours.

Microsoft Teams Outage Belies Widespread Use, G Suite Hits 2B User Mark, More News

Microsoft did not release details on the cause of that outage. Please check the box if you want to proceed. Here are common issues IT teams of all sizes -- like those at ZoomMicrosoft Teams, a chat and collaboration tool for professionals, suffered a major outage on Monday.

The outage, which lasted for roughly two hours, affected mostly European users who logged on the app to work remotely amid coronavirus outbreak. According to reports, Microsoft Teams suffered outage early morning in Europe. According to downdetector. A Live outage map showed users in Europe were affected by the service interruption.

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There are small outage hotspots in parts of the US. Impact with TM has been mitigated. Please see the admin center for details. Microsoft was quick to acknowledge the issue and was able to bring Teams back up online after almost two hours. Microsoft Teams is down in most parts of Europe after many logon from home. Cloud productivity platforms are about to undergo a major test in the coming days. This is what happens when we rely on one supplier.

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What would exactly happen to the world if MS goes down? Teams and Slack are among the most popular collaboration tools for people working remotely.

The Verge in its report pointed out that apps like Teams are being used outside workplaces as well. It said some schools in Netherlands are asking the students to use Teams.

microsoft teams outage

Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. Over 35, abuse lockdown in Maharashtra, cases near in India: 10 points.

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microsoft teams outage

The Microsoft Teams collaboration platform suffered an outage lasting two hours in Europe Monday morning, just as a greater number of workers are turning to the tool amid the coronavirus pandemic. Microsoft said in a tweet that it was "investigating messaging-related functionality problems within Microsoft Teams" as of a. Eastern Time. Several reports indicated the application had gone down completely for European users, however.

The problems were mitigated as of a. Our engineering teams continue to actively monitor performance and usage trends. The Teams outage does not appear to be resolved. As of a. Eastern Time, Microsoft reported on Twitter that "we've received reports that impact associated with TM is ongoing" and that the investigation into the issue has resumed.

An outage map on downdetector. The Teams outage comes as more workers are mandated to work from home--either by their workplace, government or both--in an attempt to protect workers and slow the spread of the COVID coronavirus. The tool is included as part of an Office or Microsoft subscription.

Microsoft has been actively seeking to boost Teams usage during the coronavirus outbreak and the resulting rise in remote work. On March 5, Microsoft said it would offer a free Office E1 subscription for six months to businesses and educational institutions that aren't currently licensed for Teams.

We take that responsibility seriously, and we have a plan in place to make sure services stay up and running during impactful events like this," said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president for Microsoftin a March 5 blog post --citing a "business continuity plan" that anticipates impacts to the service including a "sudden increase in usage.

The outage also comes as Microsoft is gearing up to transition its Office user base from Skype for Business Online to Teams. As of July 31,Skype for Business Online will be retired and no longer accessible. Teams, which competes primarily with collaboration app Slack, had recently seen an even longer outage on Feb.

Teams went down on that occasion for nearly three hours as a result of an expired authentication certificate, Microsoft said at the time.

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Microsoft Teams Suffers Outage As Demand Surges The outage has mainly affected workers in Europe and comes as more people are logging in from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. From our advertisers. Copyright The Channel Company, All rights reserved.This morning, Microsoft Teams went down for a few hours, and it seems that a pretty rookie mistake is to blame.

Microsoft apparently forgot to renew the SSL certificate, which allows a secure connection between a web browser and a web server. We've determined that an authentication certificate has expired causing, users to have issues using the service. We're developing a fix to apply a new certificate to the service which will remediate impact.

Further updates can be found under TM in the admin center. It's odd that Microsoft would forget to renew a critical authentication certificate, and it was rude timing, as so many were attempting to log in and start their week. Almost three years old, Microsoft Teams is the company's Slack competitor. Last year, it added new features like private channels and custom video chat backgrounds, and it recently launched its first TV ad campaign.

Needless to say, today's outage probably doesn't help in Microsoft's efforts to take on Slack. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. YouTube's website is now more tablet-friendly. Instagram starts rolling out web DMs to everyone.

Facebook adds 'quiet mode' to help you manage screen time. Latest in Gear. Image credit:. Sponsored Links.

Microsoft Teams suffers major outage as Europe starts work from home amid coronavirus

Microsoft Teams. In this article: authenticationbusinesscertificateexpiredgearinternetmicrosoftmicrosoft teamsoutagesecuritySSL.

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IKEA's smart blinds are finally available to buy online. NASA's Mars helicopter is ready for the red planet. Maybe don't start playing 'The Last of Us' during a pandemic. Now Microsoft Teams video chats can have custom backgrounds too. From around the web. Page 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr.The worldwide coronavirus COVID pandemic is leading to many people self-isolating, and employers encouraging -- or requiring -- staff to work from home.

Many schools also decided to turn to remote teaching solutions to keep pupils away from the risk of infection. Just as millions of people settle into the idea of remote working or learning, many for the first time, Microsoft Teams is suffering with major problems. Users found that they were unable to send messages via Teams, and were met instead by a notification reading: "we're sorry -- we've run into an issue".

While the outage primarily affected people in Europe, there were issues in other parts of the world as well.

Microsoft 365 Service health status

Downdetector shows the problems are hitting central Europeans the hardest. No reason has been given for the issues, but it is likely that it comes as a direct result of a massive increase in the number of users, all trying to log in at around the same time.

We're investigating messaging-related functionality problems within Microsoft Teams. Please refer to TM in your admin center for further details. The problem -- according to Microsoft, at least -- has now been sorted out, as the company tweeted a couple of hours later:.

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TM chat impact has been mitigated. Please refer to the admin center for further details. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy. Got News? Contact Us. Coronavirus means Unicode Zoom is taking steps to improve privacy and security, and to prevent Zoombombing. Apple and Google join forces to spy on Android and iPhone users for Coronavirus purposes. Best Windows 10 apps this week. New 'quiet mode' option lets you silence Facebook. You can finally buy the System76 Lemur Pro -- and if you love Linux you totally should!

Microsoft Teams goes down — just as everyone starts working from home

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