Postgraduate dentistry in netherlands

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Postgraduate dentistry in netherlands

Verhoeven radboudumc. The department of orthodontics and craniofacial biology at the Radboud university medical centre offers a four-year fulltime international postgraduate program in orthodontics to become a specialist in orthodontics. Upon completion of all requirements of the program the postgraduate student has to pass an external examination to acquire the certificate. Education starts once every two years, in April of the uneven years.

Candidates are selected during the preceding period. The program can be combined with a PhD program. The combined postgraduate — PhD program takes six years.

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Upon fulfillment of the necessary requirements mainly a doctoral thesis based on five publications in ISI-listed journalsa PhD degree can be awarded. The objective of the four-year orthodontic program is to educate dentists to become specialists in orthodontics with a solid theoretical and scientific background and adequate clinical experience in different treatment methods.

Emphasis is placed on developing scientific thinking and problem solving through a variety of clinical and research activities.

Resident interaction and active participation are emphasized. The four-year fulltime program contains lectures, seminars, preclinical and clinical courses, research activities and occasionally teaching to undergraduate students. The main part of the theoretical training is concentrated in the first three years, including biological, medical and dental subjects related to the science of orthodontics.

postgraduate dentistry in netherlands

Furthermore, scientific methodology and introduction to research are taught. Active participation in research projects related to growth and development of orofacial structures is required for all residents and this starts in the second year. The treatment of patients is preceded by a variety of theoretical courses and an extensive preclinical course, mainly in fixed appliance techniques.

Knowledge and insight in treatment strategies and procedures is gained chiefly by seminars. Clinical experience is obtained in the fixed appliance techniques, removable appliances, functional appliance therapy, and extra-oral treatment procedures. Students participate in the cleft palate craniofacial unit on a rotational basis. Each resident starts treatment of about 80 new cases. Besides that, the resident has about 30 transfer cases and 30 patients in retention.

Patients are assigned to a specific faculty member, who is responsible for the patient.The courses are organised in 3 years full-time comprising European Credits ECTS and are given in an accredited Dental School or in an accredited postgraduate centre, which enables the successful postgraduate student to practise Periodontology, including surgical oral implant therapy at a specialist level.

To be trained in periodontology at a specialist level at one of the most recognised schools in the field. In order to provide the necessary harmonisation of periodontal education, every EFP accredited postgraduate programme must comply with a series of quality standards defined by EFP which supply guidelines and common quality standards for graduate training programmes in Periodontology. Quality Standards for Graduate Programs in Periodontology details the competences, learning outcomes and content of any Postgraduate Programme in Periodontology, according to the provisions defined in the European Directive for Professional Qualifications In order for a graduate programme in periodontology to be accredited by the EFP, it must comply with these quality standards.

The visiting evaluation committee will be more than interested in any additional local qualifications that support the mandatory standards. At the end of the third year, the postgraduate students take a final examination in front of a Board of Examiners, which at a minimum includes an external examiner appointed by the EFP. The examination consists of an oral presentation of five fully documented cases encompassing the whole field of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry.

The students must be prepared to answer questions related to the general subject of periodontology and implant dentistry.

postgraduate dentistry in netherlands

In addition, students are required to present a scientific report a report of the research project including an extensive introduction to the Board of Examiners. The students are evaluated according to specific guidelines more info in Working document for granting an EFP certificate to graduate students who passed an EFP approved graduate program in Periodontology, periodontics and implant Dentistry related to clinical performance formulation of diagnostic, treatment planning or surgical therapy and scientific proficiency literature evaluation and study design development.

He must be actively involved in EFP periodontal postgraduate education. The procedure for granting the EFP certificate is described in details in the document below. Although each University and Dental School may have different approaches to education and training influenced by structures, cultures and resources, the postgraduate programmes in Periodontology follow the same curricular structure in a competence-based curriculum, in order to provide the necessary harmonisation of periodontal training Van der Velden and Sanz There are currently 16 accredited dental schools providing the EFP Postgraduate Programme in Periodontology and this number increases every year.

EFP A new Era of Relationship with European Periodontology. Van der Velden, U. Sanz Scope, competences, proficiencies and learning outcomes: consensus report of the 1st European Workshop on Periodontal Education--position paper 3 and consensus view 3. Every programme includes didactic, research and clinical training: Clinical training Inherent to the programmes is the clinical training where the graduate student will acquire proficiency in all diagnostic and therapeutic areas of Periodontology, including all the surgical aspects of implant therapy.

The clinical programme is organised in collaboration with the rest of the clinical departments of the dental school, hospital or post-graduate centre, enabling the graduate student to acquire the necessary skills for the treatment of complex multidisciplinary cases. Didactic courses Each programme consists of didactic courses with a series of modules including lectures, seminars, tutorials, group discussion and an extensive review of the literature of all topics relevant to the field of Periodontology.

Research training Each programme also includes the development and execution of a research project by each student.

postgraduate dentistry in netherlands

The results of this research project must be presented in the form of a written report amenable for publication in an English-language international refereed scientific journal. Why follow an EFP accredited Programme? Any EFP accredited programme: Offers high standards, intellectual challenges and effective clinical training Provides access to EFP-accredited postgraduate international network Enables the programme to continuously self-evaluate and improve clinical and learning practices Facilitates exchange programmes between accredited universities Represents international peer recognition Quality standards for EFP accredited programmes One of the missions of the European Federation of Periodontology EFP is improvement of the quality of periodontal practice in Europe.

The standards are grouped into 4 main categories: Qualifications of the director of the periodontology training programme the trainer ; Qualifications of the periodontology training programme; Qualifications of the periodontology training facility, and; Qualifications of the periodontal service.

EFP examination and granting the EFP certificate At the end of the third year, the postgraduate students take a final examination in front of a Board of Examiners, which at a minimum includes an external examiner appointed by the EFP. Profile and list of EFP accredited programmes Although each University and Dental School may have different approaches to education and training influenced by structures, cultures and resources, the postgraduate programmes in Periodontology follow the same curricular structure in a competence-based curriculum, in order to provide the necessary harmonisation of periodontal training Van der Velden and Sanz The graduation profile of Paediatric Dentistry was added one year after the start of the programme, in The aim of this graduation profile is to train dentists at a specialist level in the field of Paediatric Dentistry.

The Paediatric Dentistry programme contains a highly integrated selection of courses and emphasises the development of a strong basic scientific background together with clinical skills focused on preventive and therapeutic care of children from birth to adolescence. Outline of the Paediatric Dentistry programme The theoretical part of the programme is composed of weekly courses, lectures, tutorials and seminars, which include an extensive review of the literature.

postgraduate dentistry in netherlands

In addition, the students receive an extensive clinical training focused on applying treatment modalities for the management of oral problems in children referred by general practitioners. Besides differencing between age appropriate behaviour and developmental disturbances, the clinical training is also composed of internships in centres for the treatment of patients with special needs, as well a training at a paediatric hospital, and several specialist dental care clinics.

Research training within the field of Paediatric Dentistry is also part of the programme. At the end of the third year, students present the results of their individual research projects in a written report which is suitable for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal.

The goal of the entire programme is to prepare motivated dentists for a career in a multitude of areas, including clinical practice, teaching and research. Profile director Dr. Every year postgraduate students are carefully selected for the 3-year full-time Paediatric Dentistry graduation profile. Publications Aartman, I. Publications Baaij, A. Bakker, A.

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Publications Bastidas Coral A. Publications Becking, A.

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Publications Berkhout, W. Publications Bikker, F. Publications Bizzarro, S. Publications Bloemena, E. Publications Bolscher, J.Each postgraduate taught course is led by two academic staff, experts in their fields, and supported by the faculty professional services Education team. The course provides a profitable clinical and business approach to tooth preserving caries management in dental practice.

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View course. Our Aesthetic Dentistry MSc is delivered online with face-to-face training blocks.

Dental Schools in Netherlands

This innovative course will give you the skills and knowledge to provide high quality functional dental restorations with optimal aesthetic value. We focus on training you to provide dental care where there is a clinical need to restore oral health and function, and also cover cosmetic and facial techniques.

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Conscious Sedation for Dentistry provides enhanced understanding of the processes involved in conscious sedation through knowledge of the basic sciences. The course provides a high level of clinical experience in treating patients under sedation in supervised sessions. Students attend clinical sessions one day per week January to June plus seven study days at Guy's Hospital.

The course trains dentists to use CBCT imaging appropriately to help diagnose clinical problems of the dento-alveolar areas of the jaws, correctly interpret the radiological signs and write structured radiological reports. Our Dental Public Health MSc challenges you to think critically about oral health at population level. Subjects covered include the philosophy and principles of dental public health; the major health problems of a community and their determinants ; the organisation and delivery of oral health services; research methods, epidemiology and statistics; methods of control and prevention of oral and dental diseases; planning and evaluation for oral health; and social and behavioural sciences as applied to dentistry.

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics develops the technical, diagnostic and treatment planning skills necessary to practice modern clinical endodontics, for both newly qualified dentists and experienced practitioners. The part-time course includes hands-on patient treatment sessions under close supervision and laboratory sessions. Our Endodontics MSc is delivered online with face-to-face training blocks.

It is designed to give you the skills to confidently manage more complex and demanding cases. We provide the latest evidence-based knowledge enabling you to successfully integrate endodontic therapy with other aspects of restorative dentistry, and learn research methodology. This course is mostly delivered online, so you can study anywhere in the world with minimum disruption to your professional and personal life while benefitting from world-class teaching.

The Endodontology MClinDent has formal recognition for UK specialist training and provides extensive contemporary knowledge, enabling students to attain clinical proficiency to specialist level, to relate endodontic care to other aspects of restorative dentistry, and to learn research methodology.

This comprehensive restorative dentistry course focusing on fixed and removable prosthodontics, designed to advance skills in complex multi-disciplinary dental problems.Programs in dentistry help students learn about how to prevent, diagnose and treat different conditions in patients. Completing a program in dental sciences can open the door to additional specialized career paths, such as becoming an orthodontist or veterinary dentist.

Goethe University in offers an advanced academic training in the field of esthetic dentistry with an internatio The training in dentistry has a total duration of 5 years, it is acc You will develop enhanced skills and understanding of the scientific basis and practice of prosthodontics so that you become competent in the diagnosis and treatment of more c The curricula of the study programmes Dentistry is identical to those pursued by Czech medical students, apart from being taught in English.

They conform to the European Union Dental public health is the speciality of dentistry that deals with the prevention of oral disease, promotion of oral health, and improvement of quality of life through the or The degree program Odontology aims at educating dentists capable of diagnosing and treating dental conditions and cooperating with other health care specialists in ensuring in The Master's Degree in Research in Dentistry at the International University of Catalonia Spain aims to offer a blended learning, structured training for research in both th To the effect of the second sentence of Article 3 Subse This part-time, online modular programme provides masters-level education for general dentists, with a particular emphasis on restorative dentistry.

The structure of the degre Forensic odontology entails three major aspects: human identification, dental age estimation, and bites mark analysis. The Master Of Forensic Odontology is one of the few prog The course runs for four years, on a part-time basis, and leads to a Masters degree.

The aim of the Degree Course in Dentistry is to train the student, future dentist, to diagnose and treat the diseases and the congenital and acquired abnormalities of teeth, m The standard period of study is 2 years.

The study program has a total time commitment of approximately hours. Sign In. Create Account. Fields of Study. Master Degrees in Dentistry in Europe Edit Filters. Read More. Goethe University in offers an advanced academic training in the field of esthetic dentistry with an international focus. English, German. Master Dental Medicine.This two year, part time course is designed for dentists wishing to enhance quality, predictability and enjoyment when managing restorative cases in a wide range of subject areas.

The course has a very high percentage of practical content designed to fit into the busy schedule of general dental practitioners. The course is suitable for both UK and international dentists at all stages of their clinical careers.

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For the duration of course students must be employed in suitable clinical setting that will provide patients requiring a range of restorative treatments, on which case report exercises are based.

The primary aim of this course is to enhance the quality and predictability of patient care. In addition, studying for the MSc is expected to significantly increase your professional satisfaction and confidence when carrying out a wide range of restorative procedures.

We expect the development of Masters-level clinical skills to significantly increase your employability as well as your potential for private income and access to prospective NHS advanced care pathways. The high level of practical content will take you through a unique programme of structured simulation and clinical exercises to be carried out in practice and on the residential courses.

The one-year full time and two-year part-time Masters programme welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds from clinical practitioners and dental technicians who are required to teach the subject, to those pursuing a career in a related research field, whether having a clinical or non-clinical undergraduate education, and whether from the UK or abroad.

There are very few aspects of dentistry that do not rely on materials, and the science of dental materials is arguably the most important subject that a dental practitioner, allied teacher or researcher should learn. This programme provides a foundation in key materials science principles and training skills for successful research and publication, towards the development of the next generation of materials and processes. There are six core modules, 20 credits each and one 60 credit module:.

Each of the six, credit and one, credit modules will run separately and consecutively to allow for part-time study, and also to provide logical progression and development of interrelated concepts and research skills. For further details, please check out our coursefinder page. Back to 'Study here'. Winterbourne House and Garden University Music.

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